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What to Watch Out for in Employment Law in 2017

Employment law changes rapidly. Regulations that have been long discussed and litigated are often rolled out with the dawn of a new year, and 2017 is no different. Most of the new laws impacting employers and employees are federally mandated, but the state of New Jersey is also making a notable change with the increase…
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Employment Discrimination Against the Unemployed

The state of New Jersey is considered one of the most employee-friendly states in the country when it comes to fighting against discrimination. The state has a robust anti-discrimination law known as NJLAD, or New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, which identifies discrimination against those who fall into a long list of protected categories as unlawful.…
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Will You Be Eligible for Unemployment in New Jersey?

Losing your job can put you into financial jeopardy. If you are no longer receiving a paycheck, you may find yourself unable to keep up with your bills or even to pay for basic necessities. Unemployment benefits are insurance - you pay unemployment insurance premiums out of each paycheck. This insurance is specifically intended for…
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