Fannie Mae Sued For Turning A Blind Eye to Manager’s Sexual Abuse

A sexual harassment lawsuit has been filed in Washington DC. Superior Court, charging financial giant Fannie Mae with promoting “a culture that mistreats women, including hiring and paying them to have sex with upper management, and tolerates illegal, extreme, and abhorrent sexual harassment.” The case involves a lurid tale of a senior manager in the…
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Serial Sexual Harassment Reported at Two Ford Motor Plant Locations

Ford is one of America’s most recognizable and respected companies, but according to an eye-opening report in The New York Times, two of the company’s Chicago plants are notorious for rampant sexual harassment: despite a $22 million settlement following an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigation and lawsuits in the 1990s, the problem continues to be…
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Unemployment Hearing Statistics – Year End 2017

UNEMPLOYMENT HEARING  STATISTICS - YEAR END 2017 For the past five years, we have requested unemployment statistics, via OPRA, from the New Jersey Department of Labor in order to compare our firm’s results with the overall averages of unemployment claimants. The summary is as follows: [row] [span6]   [/span6] [/row] [row] [span6]   [/span6] [/row]…
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