State and Federal Employment Laws Protecting Workers During This Time

Millions of American workers are currently collecting unemployment benefits as a result of the global pandemic. If you’re one of them, you’ve likely spent the last several weeks experiencing extremely mixed emotions, torn between wanting to stay safely in your home and wanting to get back to your job. The crisis that COVID-19 has introduced…
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As New Jersey Reopens its Businesses, Workers Need to Know Their Rights

When the governor of New Jersey closed down all but essential businesses throughout the state, it left little doubt as to the rights and responsibilities of business owners and workers alike. But with the curve beginning to flatten and a slow reopening occurring, things become less clear. What happens to workers who are called back…
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This past week Alan Schorr, Matthew Schorr, and Adam Schorr presented a zoom CLE seminar on: EMPLOYMENT ISSUES IN THE AGE OF COVID – Navigating a New Legal Landscape. This was presented for the Burlington County Bar Association. Alan also presented another zoom seminar on: EMPLOYMENT ISSUES IN THE AGE OF COVID – Navigating a…
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New Jersey Provides Job Protections for COVID-19 Victims

Americans are facing numerous challenges related to the global pandemic, but one of the biggest concerns is about their job stability. People who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 fear that calling in sick might result in them losing their job. Fortunately, the state of New Jersey has taken specific, explicit action to protect workers against…
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