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Vaccination Refusal on Religious Grounds Leads to Wrongful Termination

The availability and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines, combined with the deadliness of the disease itself, have led many organizations to mandate the protective measure for employees. Our firm does not oppose the COVID-19 vaccine. We support measures to get everyone vaccinated, but employers must recognize and accommodate individuals who have a  sincerely-held religious belief…
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NJ Woman Accuses Law Firm of Discriminatory Termination After Positive COVID-19 Test

A New Jersey woman has filed a disability discrimination lawsuit against her former employer, accusing them of retaliatory action following her positive COVID-19 test. Cynthia Wisenfelder claims that her former employer attempted to evade compensating her for the period when was quarantining, and later terminated her as punishment for having gotten sick with the highly…
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