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How Much is my Employment Law Case Worth?

Our firm usually handles discrimination or retaliation claims on a contingent basis. That means that there is no legal fee to a client unless and until a monetary recovery is made. The legal fee is based on a percentage of the final recovery. If the matter goes all the way to trial, which is very…
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Uber Faces Legal Battle Over Overtime Pay

One of the biggest vulnerabilities that a worker faces is the possibility that their employer might classify them as an independent contractor instead of an employee. Though there are certainly advantages to being an independent contractor if that is the way a person wants to work, when a worker thinks of himself as an employee…
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3 Protected Classes of the NJ Law Against Discrimination

New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination provides compassionate statutory protections for members of many protected classes. These protections bar workplace discrimination in hiring and compensation, in terms of employment and retirement, and in firing. The goal is to ensure that all state residents have equal opportunities in employment regardless of race, religion, gender, and many other…
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Supreme Court May Hear Groundbreaking Workplace Discrimination Case

When Jameka Evans went to work as a security guard at Georgia Regional Hospital in Savannah, she did not anticipate that being gay would be an issue. But she quickly learned she was wrong. During the 15 months that she worked there she says that she was harassed for being a lesbian, and then eventually…
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