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Are Labor Law and Employment Law the Same Thing?

As an employee, you have certain rights, both within the workplace and having to do with your relationship with your employer. Those rights are set in place by federal, state and local laws. Though most people are aware of the existence of these laws and can sense or know outright when they are being taken…
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Noncompete Clauses Are a Growing Concern for Employees – Part II

The New York Times recently told the tale of a factory manager who’d signed a noncompete contract in 2007, only to find that the agreement effectively prohibited him from working in the only industry he’d ever known, anywhere else in the United States. The story is a remarkable example of a growing trend: where noncompete…
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Noncompete Clauses Are a Growing Concern for Employees

This is part I of a story we are passionate about from the NY Times documenting the growing concern of workers and noncompete clauses. Have you ever been asked to sign a noncompete clause as part of an employment contract? Though these legal documents were once used exclusively to protect proprietary company data and intellectual…
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The Steps To Follow in the Unemployment Process

Unemployment compensation is a benefit meant to tide workers over when they’re out of work through no fault of their own, such as occurs in a layoff or when an employer shuts its doors. This money can be a financial lifeline that bridges the gap between jobs. If you’ve lost your job, being eligible for…
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New Jersey Appellate Court Hands Workers a Win in Unemployment Benefits Case

Over the last several years, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has taken a number of steps attempting to introduce new language to the laws surrounding unemployment benefits. Many of these have been viewed as unnecessarily harsh, and the department has been accused of purposely limiting terminated workers’ ability to file for…
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