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For the past eight years we have been requesting statistics, via OPRA, from the Department of Labor in order to compare results from our firm with the overall averages of unemployment claimants filing appeals.  For the eighth straight year, we are releasing the Department of Labor statistics, as well as our statistics.  The summary is…
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NJ Supreme Court Decision Strengthens Pregnancy Discrimination Law

The New Jersey Supreme Court issued a far-reaching decision today, clarifying the law that protects pregnant or breastfeeding employees who believe that they’ve been the victims of discrimination. The case involved a female police officer who filed suit against the Township of Ocean and various township officials, accusing them of holding pregnant employees to a…
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Can Your Employer Require You to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

One year after COVID-19 first began sickening American citizens, the development and approval of three vaccines is offering hope that things will soon return to normal. Not only will people be able to socialize and travel again, but all of the changes that have affected businesses — most notably telecommuting for office workers and mask…
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