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4 Reasons Not to Sign that Severance Agreement

A severance agreement can be a good thing—but not always as good as it looks at first glance. Many employees will take a severance package for the immediate money it promises, only to regret it later as they see how it negatively affects their job hunt or independent work. If you are ever presented with…
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Representing Yourself Can Be Very Expensive!

On July 20, 2015, the New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division, upheld a lower court ruling which assessed a self-represented Plaintiff $191,652.44. Ronald L. Fulton had sued his employer for wrongful termination. Mr. Fulton choose not to have an attorney and to represent himself.  The Court issued numerous rulings against him siting him for frivolous…
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Mandatory Workplace Vaccines: What Are Your Rights in New Jersey?

Healthcare workers and other employees around the country are being told they must get vaccines or lose their jobs. Rights and options vary depending on the specific situation. Mandatory Flu Vaccines as Company Policy More and more health care employers are requiring that employees receive a mandatory flu vaccine as a matter of company policy, or…
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How To Qualify for Unemployment Benefits in NJ

The loss of a job can have a devastating effect on people and their families, particularly in the current economy. Losing a job can mean facing several issues while trying to qualify for unemployment benefits. If you lose your job, it is important to apply for unemployment benefits immediately – whether you quit or were…
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