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Unemployment Hearing Statistics – 2014

Last year we began to request statistics, via OPRA, from the Department of Labor in order to compare results from our firm with the overall averages of unemployment claimants filing appeals.  For the second year, we are releasing the Department of Labor statistics, as well as our statistics.  The summary is as follows: Department of…
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Alan H. Schorr Settles Suit to Update Unemployment Procedures

On November 13, Alan H. Schorr and the New Jersey Department of Labor entered in to a consent order in which the Department of Labor has agreed to numerous updates to policies and procedures, including advising claimants of their right to be represented both in writing and over the phone.  This consent order ensures that…
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Alan H. Schorr a “Star” at NJAJ Conference

On Wednesday November 12, 2014, Alan H. Schorr was part of a panel hosted by the New Jersey Association for Justice titled "Employment Law: Secrets of the Stars: Winning Employment Law Cases". Alan specifically spoke on damages issues such as Front Pay, Back Pay, and Emotional Distress and was part of a full panel discussion…
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