Race Discrimination

image_Race-Ancestry-Discrimination2Among its any protections of civil rights, The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, national origin and ancestry.  Employers are forbidden to use membership of these protected classes to deny employment or promotion, or to harass or differentially treat an employee because of his or her race, national origin or ancestry.  We represent workers throughout the State of New Jersey who have suffered wrongful termination or adverse employment actions in the workplace.

Some of our notable and successful race and ancestry discrimination cases include JG v. Camden in which it was alleged that Hispanic grade school were forced to eat the lunches on the gym room floor while other non-Hispanic children ate at tables with trays while mocking the Hispanic students; Salter v. Willingboro Board of Education, in which it was alleged that upper level administrators were terminated for voicing their displeasure and refusing to participate in systematic race discrimination; and Ganges v. Burlington County, in which a Burlington County corrections officer alleged that she was retaliated against after being a member of group that filed race discrimination charges against the County.

Race, National Origin and Ancestry discrimination in NJ can take many different subtle and not so subtle forms, including unfair entrance examinations, criminal background checks, use of discriminatory words or imagery, English only rules, and denial of positions due to accents. The discrimination can take the form or harassment, unjust discipline, refusal to hire and promote, and wrongful termination. Race and ancestry discrimination is unlawful regardless of how it is manifested. We can help you protect yourself and can help you recover in the event that you have suffered race, national origin or ancestry discrimination in New Jersey. Many of these cases are handled on a contingent fee basis (no fee unless recovery). Please call or e-mail now for a free initial telephone consultation.

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