Fired for Refusing a Flu Vaccine?

Health care workers throughout New Jersey and the United States are being presented with an ultimatum to receive a mandatory flu vaccine or face termination. Many workers have legitimate reasons not to take the mandatory flu vaccine. Some workers have bona fide health concerns, such as allergies or a prior bad reaction. Other workers have a sincerely-held religious objection. Still others have sincerely-held secular conviction such as vegans and other honest secular objections.

The law requires that employers must accommodate an employee refuses the flu vaccination for medical or sincerely-held religious reasons. There have been lawsuits filed throughout the country by health care workers who have been wrongfully terminated for refusing to accept a corporate flu vaccine. In addition, New Jersey recently held that, where an employer honors requests for religious exemptions, it violates the employee's Constitutional rights to refuse to provide accommodations for purely secular objections. See Valent v. Board of Review, Dept. of Labor.

We have been successfully fighting employers who have refused to accommodate workers with flu vaccine objections.  We have medical and religious experts that can support your bona fide and sincerely-held objections, and we will aggressively protect your rights to object to flu and other mandatory vaccinations, especially where an accommodation can be easily granted, such as the wearing of a mask.

If you are facing potential discipline for objecting or refusing a vaccine in New Jersey or anywhere else in the USA, please call us or e-mail now for a free initial telephone consultation.


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