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image_LGBTSince the founding of Schorr & Associates in 1993, our firm has been in the forefront of the fight to protect the rights of those in the LGBT community. Over the past 20 years much has changed. For example, the right to same sex marriage in New Jersey has solved many of the insurance discrimination issues facing gay and lesbian couples. But unfortunately prejudice and ignorance still exist in the workplace. LGBT workers still face many LGBT employment issues in NJ and find themselves the victim of discriminatory harassment and bullying.

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination offers far greater protection from discrimination than the Federal Law. The NJLAD expressly prohibits discrimination on the basis of "affectional or sexual orientation . . . sex, gender identity or expression". Thus, the NJLAD provides express protection to transgender individual, regardless of the stage of transition. Yet, problems and prejudice still exist in the workplace via bathroom issues, harassment and adverse job actions. The EEOC has also recently ruled that Title VII protects against sexual orientation discrimination.

Our employment attorneys have successfully represented many members of the LGBT community in protecting and defending their civil rights. One very significant victory was recently announced by the New Jersey Appellate Division in the case of Savoie v. The Lawrenceville School, where the Court not only reversed a dismissal of a case involving the termination of a wonderful teacher due his sexual orientation, but also permitted a Constitutional claim to proceed based upon his allegation that he was terminated because of the type of consensual affair that he and his partner were engaging in within their own home.

We are here to listen and to advise. Our employment attorneys can help protect your rights and we can aggressive pursue employers who violate the laws protecting the LGBT community. If you believe that you have a legal issue that you would like to discuss, please call us or e-mail us now for a free initial telephone consultation.

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