Fact-Finding Interviews


The two most common disqualifications arise as a result “voluntarily leaving work without good cause attributable to the work” and “misconduct connected to the work.”  Misconduct is defined as work-related actions that are “improper, intentional, connected with one's work, malicious, and within the individual's control, and are either a deliberate violation of the employer's rules or a disregard of standards of behavior which the employer has the right to expect of an employee.”  There are three levels of misconduct, simple misconduct, which carries a penalty of an 8 week delay in collecting benefits; severe misconduct, which carries a total disqualification penalty, and gross misconduct (requires employment misconduct that rises to the level of criminal activity), which also carries a total disqualification penalty.

For over 20 years, we have been one of the most active employee unemployment firms in New Jersey. The fact finding interview is the most important step in obtaining your unemployment benefits. Let us help you make sure that you provide the best fact finding interview possible and let us steer you through the minefield of unemployment benefits.

We handle fact finding interviews for a low flat fee. Please call us or e-mail now for a free initial telephone consultation. We will explain your rights and set up the appointment for us to represent you for this important initial unemployment hearing.

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