Unemployment Refund Appeals

image_refund2If you have received notice that the Department of Labor is seeking a refund of unemployment benefits, you must file an appeal immediately.  Do not wait to receive further notices.  These refund notices must be appealed within 7 days or you could permanently lose your appeal rights.

Very often these NJ unemployment refund notices are completely unexpected and can sometimes arrive up to five years after benefits were approved and fully collected. There are generally two reasons why a refund notice is issued. Sometimes an employer will file a very late appeal, claiming that the employer was unaware that you had been collecting benefits. More often, however, the Department of Labor will receive information from another department, such as Treasury and Taxation, or from an internal audit, and will conclude that you were overpaid benefits or that you should have been disqualified. Failure to appeal a refund notice could result in a judgment being entered against you which results in the seizure of your tax refunds. We can help.

In many cases the late employer appeal can be challenged. In other cases we can help prove that the Department is mistaken in its facts and conclusions. Even where it is apparent that a refund is properly due and owing, we can help establish that there was no fraud involved and therefore reduce the amount owed by any fines and penalties. To learn more about filing an appeal of a refund demand in New Jersey, call us immediately for a free initial telephone consultation. We will explain your rights and responsibilities and help to guide you through this difficult process.

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