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For the past few years we have been requesting statistics, via OPRA, from the Department of Labor in order to compare results from our firm with the overall averages of unemployment claimants filing appeals.

New Jersey employees trying to collect unemployment often face a hearing with an unemployment insurance examiner. Employees pay insurance premiums from every pay check to secure unemployment benefits, yet the State can prevent employees from collecting those benefits after these hearings. Unemployment insurance benefits now reach a maximum of over $650.00 per week and last for 26 weeks. Employers can contest employees’ claims for these benefits, because the employers’ unemployment insurance premiums are raised if an employee’s claim for benefits is successful. When an employee is denied benefits, they have the right to appeal, which can lead to additional hearings and reviews.

We handle NJ unemployment compensation issues on an affordable flat fee basis. The flat fee includes an initial interview, contact with the Department of Labor, review of transcripts and documents, legal brief (when permitted) and personal representation at your hearing. We represent employees both at their initial fact-finding interview and during the appeals process. We strongly recommend that anyone applying for or appealing unemployment compensation in New Jersey be represented by an experienced unemployment lawyer. There are many potential pitfalls for the unwary. As experienced and successful unemployment lawyers in NJ, our advice and representation can greatly increase your chances of successfully collecting benefits without disqualification.

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Conscientious Employee (CEPA) Retaliation – Easley v. New Jersey Department of Correction. The jury found that the Department of Corrections retaliated against the employee after she cooperated with the FBI and testified before the Grand Jury regarding extortion by the Department’s Deputy Commissioner.


Disability Discrimination (Owens v. NJ Dept of Treasury) – Settlement – Department of Treasury worker suffered permanent vocal chord paralysis after the Department refused to accommodate her laryngitis.


National Origin Discrimination (JG v. Camden) – Settlement – Hispanic Schoolchildren alleged that they were forced to eat on the gym floor without plates while non-Hispanic children were permitted to sit at table and eat off plates.


CEPA verdict (Still v. Orkin, Inc.) – Jury found exterminator was terminated in retaliation for refusing to apply insecticide in an unlawful manner.

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