Board of Review Appeals


The Board of Review level is the most difficult level in which to reverse a disqualification. Historically, the Board of Review has affirmed the large majority of the decisions of the Appeal Tribunal. You can review the statistics here. When we file an appeal with the Board of Review, we keep in mind that it is very possible that the matter may have to be appealed to the Superior Court and accordingly we prepare a legal brief that is supported by case law and legal arguments that can later be used in the event of a subsequent appeal. Because of the very high rate of affirmations, it is extremely important to have an attorney craft a proper argument.

We provide these services for one flat fee that covers the entire Board of Review appeal. If you have received an Appeal Tribunal decision that denies your unemployment benefits, you should call us immediately for a free initial telephone consultation. We will explain your rights and responsibilities and help to guide you through this difficult process.

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