Appeal Tribunals

image_appeal2If you have been disqualified from unemployment benefits you must file an appeal within seven days of your receipt of the Notice of Determination or within 10 days of its mailing.  These deadlines are strictly enforced and you will lose the opportunity to appeal if your appeal is late without good cause.

The Appeal Tribunal is the only full evidentiary hearing that you will have.  The hearing is conducted by telephone with a hearing examiner.  The employer will usually be on the telephone hearing and often will be represented by an attorney or a third party administrator.  The examiner takes testimony, including cross-examination and the parties are also permitted to examine each other and introduce evidence and fact-witnesses.  The parties are also entitled submit legal arguments in advance and at the hearing.  For all of these reasons, it is extremely important to be represented by counsel for an Appeal Tribunal in New Jersey.

When you retain us to represent you in your appeal, we will file the appeal for you, request a copy of your entire file, including the digital recording of your fact-finding interview. Prior to your hearing we will prepare a legal brief for the appeals examiner and will prepare you for your testimony. On the day of your hearing we will represent you with confidence and experience to give you the best possible chance of reversing your disqualification. We have had a consistent record of success at the Appeal Tribunal. Although our past performance is not a predictor of future success, you can review our success record in New Jersey here.

We provide all of these Appeal Tribunal services for one low flat fee. Remember that this is the only hearing that you will receive. Any subsequent appeals will be written appeals based upon this hearing. If you have been disqualified from unemployment benefits or if you have received notice of a refund determination, please call us for a free initial telephone consultation. We will make sure that you understand your rights and responsibilities and that you are properly protected.

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