Severance Agreements

image_severanceMany employees who are terminated from employment are presented with a severance agreement. These agreements offer compensation to the employee in return for the employee's agreement to waive and release all legal claims against the employer. Often, these agreements also contain restrictive covenants which can prevent the employee from being able to work for a competitor or anywhere in the same industry. These NJ severance agreements are often written in legalese, and are confusing at best.

Our employment attorneys consult with hundreds of people each year who are making the difficult decision about whether to sign such an agreement in NJ. We strongly recommend that employees should not sign any severance agreement without first having an attorney review the agreement. Very often, employers are willing to modify these agreements in New Jersey by removing restrictions and enhancing the amount of severance received. At the very least, an employee should understand the important legal rights they are waiving before signing a release of all claims.

There are many different ways of handling a severance agreement in NJ, and Schorr & Associates has successfully assisted hundreds of employees in enhancing their severance packages. Very often, these matters can be handled on a contingent basis, with the legal fee being based only upon the enhancement. Alan H. Schorr, a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, can provide you with solutions to these all too common problems. Please call or e-mail now for a free initial telephone consultation.

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