The system for filing New Jersey unemployment claims is complicated and claims can be turned down for many reasons. That leaves a lot of unemployed workers thinking unemployment is not worth their time—but this could not be further from the truth. Here are four vital facts you should know about New Jersey unemployment claims:benefits

  1. Unemployment payments can be up to $640/week. Unemployment claims are not small potatoes. The exact amount you can receive depends on what you were making previously and how many hours a week you typically worked. For full time employees it can be up to about $640 every single week.
  1. They can last half a year. Unemployment benefits are meant to last you throughout a job search and until you are back on your feet. You can continue to collect unemployment for up to 26 weeks—roughly six months—or in some cases, even longer. This is why it’s so important to file for unemployment.
  1. They are your right. Contrary to popular belief unemployment is not a “handout”, it is insurance that you pay a weekly premium for out of your pay check. If you have been paying taxes on your paycheck for “SUI”, then you contributed from your own wages to subsidize unemployment benefits. It is your right to collect those benefits if you lose your job.
  1. If you are turned down for an unemployment claim, you have options. Employers and the New Jersey government are both eager to turn down your claim, but that does not mean that they have the proper legal grounds to do so. If your claim is denied, you should talk to a New Jersey unemployment lawyer.

Attorneys can help you appeal your unemployment claim. No attorney can promise to win your case but they can make a substantial difference and help you pursue every legal channel available. However, not all lawyers will do the same level of work for you. Here is what you should look for in an unemployment lawyer:

  • They should work for a flat fee, not hourly. Most unemployment cases follow a fairly standard process. The attorney should be able to guarantee you a flat fee up front so you know exactly what you will pay.
  • They should offer in-person representation at all times. Don’t let a lawyer “phone in” to your hearing. They are more effective in person. Make sure your lawyer intends to give you personal representation.
  • They should be dedicated to unemployment law. Any lawyer will agree to take your case, but you want one with the experience to bring you a favorable outcome. Get a lawyer who focuses a substantial part of their practice on unemployment law.

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