We have just received notification that our managing partner, Alan H. Schorr, has been elected as a new Fellow of the prestigious College of Labor and Employment Lawyers and will be installed as such on November 11, 2017. This esteemed organization represents the most notable attorneys, academicians and scholars working in labor and employment law. Its mission is to set the standards for professionalism, civility and intellectual strength within this area of practice, and membership as a fellow is a recognition of the highest level of legal services. From the college’s website:

“The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers is a distinguished body of individuals drawing its membership from the best and brightest lawyers, academicians and scholars in the field of Labor and Employment Law. The collective experience, the intellectual range and the influence of its members underscore the significant contribution the College is making to the advancement of labor and employment law.”

Membership as a Fellow of the College of Labor and Employment Lawyers is a result of a rigorous nomination process and is a recognition of national leadership in the field. In order to be considered an attorney must have demonstrated significant adherence to the organization’s principles and values. Essential elements include the maintenance of high ethical standards and character; a dedication to excellence and advancement of the field; superior service to clients and treatment of legal colleagues and the courts; and significant contributions in the area of labor and employment law in the form of teaching publications or scholarship.

Alan Schorr has devoted his law practice to representing employees who have suffered work-related problems, however he has also spent countless pro-bono hours working with the legislature to make New Jersey a better place to work for all employees, not just the firm’s clients. His dedication to the profession can also be seen in his professional activities, including having previously served as President of NELA-NJ (National Employment Lawyers association) and his leadership for over twenty years as Chairman of the organization’s Legislative Committee.

The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers plays an important leadership role in the legal community. It strives through its membership to exert a positive influence in the world of labor and employment law, as well as to be an important resource for those who provide or study these legal services, to the government and judiciary, and to the public. Mr. Schorr is humbled and honored by his election and looks forward to his induction in the fall.