On Tuesday, March 21, at the Rutgers Club, NELA-NJ hosted an important and timely presentation by Alan Schorr, Esq. concerning a major update in non-compete law.  As many of you are aware, the Federal Trade Commission has proposed a total ban on non-competes.  The proposed rule would not only ban the future use of non-compete agreements, but would also void all existing agreements, thereby making non-competes functionally extinct.  Alan will present about the current version of the Rule, the changes to the Rule that have been proposed and are likely to be adopted, and the nuts and bolts of current-non-compete law. As many of you know, Alan is a past-president of NELA-NJ.  He has been involved for many years on behalf of NELA-NJ in lobbying for state legislation limiting non-compete agreements and, more recently, by analyzing and formally commenting upon the proposed federal rule.  He is a recognized thought-leader in the subject matter and will have great insight into the legislative and executive processes that led to the formulation of the Rule.