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New Jersey To Consider Upgrades to NJLAD

The state of New Jersey already sets a notable example for the rest of the country in the strength of its anti-discriminatory employment laws. But rather than being satisfied with the state’s current standing, Governor Phil Murphy has proposed that the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination be expanded to provide even greater protection for workers…
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New Jersey Passes Health Employee Flu Vaccination Law

In one of the last sessions of the year 2019, the New Jersey legislature passed a law providing the state’s health employers with wide latitude for requiring that their employees get annual influenza vaccinations. Health care facilities including general or specialized hospitals, nursing homes and home health care agencies can now point to a law…
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New Jersey Passes Hair Discrimination Law

Almost one year to the day after New Jersey high school wrestler Andrew Johnson made national news when he cut his dreadlocks in order to participate in a wrestling match, the state of New Jersey has passed a law making it illegal to discriminate based on the style or texture of someone’s hair. There has…
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Pregnancy Bias Lawsuit Filed Against USA Today

There are both federal laws and state laws protecting employees from discrimination based on physical limitations such as handicaps, illness, gender, race, and membership in many other protected classes. Yet despite the fact that it is nearly universally understood that treating employees differently based on these factors is wrong and often illegal, many companies continue…
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