Schorr & Associates is pleased to report that for the second consecutive year we have assisted unemployment claimants in reversing more than $1 million in refunds demanded by the New Jersey Department of Labor. In 2022, we assisted in reversing $1,115,469 of refund demands for more than 150 successful appellants and surpassing the firm’s previous annual record for refund reversals from 2021. Statistics at every level of the unemployment system confirm that there is a significant advantage to being represented by counsel at the Department of Labor. Our Lead Unemployment Law partner, Adam Schorr states, “The past few years have seen unprecedented numbers of unemployment claims, refund requests, and amounts requested due to the pandemic. We will continue to fight to ensure that all claimants are not only paid what they are owed, but get to keep it.”

Adam Schorr also noted that a majority of the small percentage of appeals that were lost in 2022 involved claimants who quit their jobs. For purposes of employment and unemployment law, quitting your job makes it much harder to make a claim for wrongful termination and places the burden upon the claimant to justify leaving for purposes of unemployment. Our firm urges unhappy employees to consult an attorney before tendering a resignation. We also strongly recommend all claimants consult an attorney as soon as they find out they are disqualified from unemployment benefits or owe a repayment. The sooner you get a lawyer involved in these situations, the higher the likelihood of obtaining a positive outcome.