Two of our attorneys, Alan H. Schorr and Jenelle L. Hubbard, scored a big trial victory in Burlington County Superior Court in October 2017.  After a grueling five week trial, the jury found in favor of our clients, Jean Wickward and the Estate of Anne Leyman.

Ms. Wickward was 61 years old at the time of her termination and had worked for the Defendant, J&S Precision, for 42 years. Anne Leyman was 73 years old at the end of her employment and alleged that she had been working for J&S Precision for over 50 years. Both Plaintiffs alleged that, despite satisfactory performance, they were terminated due to their older age. Tragically, Ms. Leyman passed away shortly after the Complaint was filed.

The jury awarded Ms. Wickward $213,321.22 and awarded Ms. Leyman’s estate $189,783.84 in compensatory damages. For more information on this case visit  The Burlington County Times Newspaper.  Congratulations to Alan, Jenelle, and the Plaintiffs on this important and hard-fought victory.