shutterstock_343519481Were you mistreated in the workplace? Perhaps you were sexually harassed by your boss. Or, maybe your employer has failed to comply with a contractual promise.

If you’ve been mistreated in the workplace, an employment lawyer in South Jersey can help. Employment lawyers protect the rights of employees and can represent you in a workplace dispute and help you take legal action against an employer. If you’ve endured any of the following issues or other forms of workplace mistreatment, then contact an employment lawyer right away.

  1. Sexual Harassment. Sexual harassment violates the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination and can involve unwanted comments or actions as a result of your sex. Sexual harassment comes in many forms. Your boss may require sexual favors in return for your employment or a bonus or promotion. Or, it can involve repeated sexual comments that make you feel comfortable and create a hostile work environment. No matter the form of sexual harassment, it should never be tolerated. Call us now for a free initial telephone conference.
  1. Wrongful Termination. While employment in New Jersey and many other states is “at will”, there are some instances that would be classified as wrongful termination. It is illegal for an employer to fire you for a discriminatory purpose or for retaliation for complaining about, refusing to participate in or blowing the whistle on the employer’s unlawful or fraudulent activities.. Additionally, while employment is “at will”, many workers still have contractual rights. For instance, your employer may promise employment for a specific period of time or to pay compensation, commission, bonuses, travel expenses, or other benefits. If this promise is violated, then you can take legal action for breach of contract.
  1. Unemployment Compensation. As an employee, an insurance premium is deducted from each of your payments to ensure unemployment benefits. However, if you are terminated or quit your job, the employer or the state may be preventing you from collecting that compensation you are entitled to. Our unemployment lawyers know how to assist you in avoiding problems and getting your benefits quickly.

At Schorr & Associates, we are committed to protecting the rights of New Jersey workers. We represent clients in a wide range of employment law matters, including harassment and retaliation, discrimination, wrongful termination, employment agreements and unemployment compensation. If you’ve experienced any form of mistreatment in the workplace, contact us for a free consultation: 856-874-9090.