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NJ Supreme Court Decision Confirms Injured Workers’ Right to Sue Under NJLAD

A unanimous opinion from the New Jersey Supreme Court has strongly favored the rights of injured New Jersey workers to both receive workers’ compensation benefits and to file personal injuries claims against their employer under the rules of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. The decision closes a long chapter for an injured New Jersey…
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Unemployment Claims in the COVID-19 Era

Even in the best of times, unemployment claimants can find the unemployment process complicated, confusing, long, and difficult. And this is not the best of times. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing problems and created significant new problems from start to finish in the unemployment process. These problems go beyond mere delays, which could have…
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Wrongful Termination in the State of New Jersey: Know Your Rights

In the state of New Jersey, employees are considered “at will” unless they have an executed employment contract. What this means is that both employers and workers have the right to end the employer/employee relationship at any time, without legal consequences. Just as you are able to walk off the job because you don’t like…
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Telecommuting: The New Workplace Frontier

Working from home is nothing new, but it was never the norm. There have always been situations where employers have allowed employees to work remotely, and those opportunities have expanded with the introduction of computers, the internet, and video conferencing. The pandemic turned what had been an exception into a rule, as companies and their…
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